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com) Geneious R6 Serial Number Driver Booster Pro On 12/31/13 R6 was updated to 6.0 as of 12/18/13. As part of this update, R6 added a new version of Drivers for 9xx servers. R6 is now 6.5 Released. This update includes new versions of other older drivers, including PPC/Linux/Xen. These changes will be rolled out over time.
Remote Linux updated 6.2.0, 6.3.0 and 6.4.0 Linux enviro distributions and shell
Release Notes 6.1.1 is now available. This version includes a new binaries release and initial support for Windows 8.1 64bit.
Head for this Release Note
The r6-arm-armvm package now has a Release Notification page.
R6 and its AMD and Intel armvm versions are available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. The Linux distribution is downloaded via the r6Publisher website, and the Linux distribution can be included in a.iso file. Linux distributions based on R6 can be obtained from Digital Racing Software (, as an official PR.
Apple's sync/ssh based repository of r6 has been disabled.
However, it is available from sites as the rioi0.misc R6 library or r6WM. Make sure to install the R6WNT package before installing the Rioi.
The 64-bit version of R6, RR6, has been released for Windows. A version for OS X and Linux can be found at r6i0-arm. f02ee7bd2b