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~UPD~ Sandeep Garg Economics Class 12 Ebook 2146

Sandeep Garg Economics Class 12 Ebook 2146 🔼
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Sciences; Operations management; Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods; Industrial and industrial engineering; Operations research,.
To pass the training practice, the student must pass a test in the discipline "Mathematics", "Labor Economics", "Capital Operations". The candidate must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the specified discipline and the ability to apply it in practice.
Strategic management of the organization and stages of its development
Processes and operations of management in different industries
Designing a technical task, creating and using an information system
Theoretical foundations of technological preparation of production
Technical University, Faculty of Technology and Management
Labor economics and personnel management
Faculty of Management, Institute of Economics and Business
Economics and urban management
Economics of the enterprise and organizations
Economics, organization and planning of foreign economic relations
Multiplicative and production models in management
Competitive strategy of the enterprise
Methods for studying the goals of activity
Information systems in enterprise management
Modeling stochastic systems
Organization of management decisions in the organization
Management of deviations in the activities of the enterprise
Development and Innovation Management
Analysis and optimization of organizational and economic decisions
Development of management systems in the organization at the present stage
Information-analytical systems and information technologies in management
Project and program management
Synergetic problems of management
Computer technologies in personnel management
Organizational culture of management
Economic evaluation of innovative projects
Organization and planning of rational loading of production capacities
Upon completion of training, a state diploma is issued, corresponding to the profile of academic training.
1. Higher professional education in state-accredited educational programs (with the exception of programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school) is carried out on the basis of the development by students of educational programs of higher education specified in the federal state educational standards of higher education in the corresponding area of training (specialty). 2. The state academic scholarship is awarded to students who have not submitted an academic certificate or who have not coped with the academic load on time.
All faculties have departments of accounting, auditing, economic analysis and finance, microeconomics, accounting and auditing.
The educational process at the Faculty of Economics is carried out in two stages: undergraduate and specialist.
Education in the magistracy is an additional preparation for independent research activities in the chosen scientific specialty. The disciplines of master's training can be studied in combination with the teaching of the main educational programs, according to which training in master's programs is carried out.The mission of the Law Firm f02ee7bd2b